Friday, October 18, 2013

Lately...A Revelation

Lately my schedule has been filled with two types of days. The extremely busy day, and the extremely empty day. I honestly don't know how it happens but as a result, my multitasking skills have tremendously improved. I can't always predict when business will come, but I can be ready once it arrives. Like the day I had a big wedding and a potential client who wanted to meet with me on that same morning for a consultation. My body was screaming "NO!" but that little voice in the back of my head said "YOU CAN HANDLE IT" and that I did. Or most recently, when I was requested to design some pieces for a dinner party and set up for a wedding on the same day. Somehow, (Lord willing only) I made it work. Here's a sneak peek of some work from that day.

Color palette of greens, whites, and creams.

After dropping off pieces for the dinner party I headed to Columbia, MD at the Sheraton to set up for a wedding that called for a chuppah and 20 table arrangements. By this time, my day wasn't even half way through.

At the end of the day, I met up with Asheris Events for a soiree they were throwing and became their photographer that evening for their event decor. 

After that, I laid in my bed and reflected on my busy day. I reflected on the moments throughout the day where I found peace in all the chaos. I reflected on the happiness that my heart felt while doing the service that I love most. Lately I've realized that finding my bearings in this business is one hundred percent dependent on what's inside my heart. This was a beautiful revelation and I plan to use this as I continue to grow my business.

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