Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr. Seuss themed birthday party

I just had to share some pics from a birthday party I recently attended. No, it has nothing to do with flowers but everything to do CREATIVITY, which is right up my alley. My childhood best friend who I hadn't seen in years, threw her son a Dr. Seuss themed soiree for his 1st birthday.Every detail was carefully planned from the "1 FISH, 2 FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH" label on the tin for the Goldfish snacks, to the "Thing 1, Thing 2" photo shoot. I couldn't help but take out my camera and snap pics of everything and everyone. I loved the way she picked a theme and incorporated it in every aspect of the party. Even the birthday boy
was wearing a Dr. Seuss red and white hat. All the gift bags and table centerpieces were creatively made by my friend to match the theme of the party. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that every child got to take away a live gold fish at the end of the party as a favor!!! Awesome, right!!! As you can hear I had a great time. I Love when creativity strikes. Enjoy the pics!!!

Goldfish in mason jars as party favors with other fun toys and games for the guests.

Yummy treats

Goldfish in mason jars

My friend and I in the party theme by both wearing stripes

Photo shoot

The handsome birthday boy


  1. Nice party. I'm sure the bday boy enjoyed himself. May I ask where did you get the cut outs from of thing 1 and thing 2?

  2. can you ask your friend if she has a template for the thing 1 thing 2 bags and lorex