Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bring on the Glads

So I'm just now learning that my much loved Glads(short for Gladiolus) don't have such a good reputation in the wedding industry. Most soon to be brides won't say "I'd like Gladiolus in my bouquet or included in my decor." And I guess who can blame them. When I mentioned the flower to my colleagues, I got the response of  "Isn't that the funeral flower?" My reaction being "IT IS NOT!!!" And sure enough when I did the research I found that the flower is often used in funeral arrangements. But then again so are roses. Well I did more research and also found that there are very
few wedding arrangements that will include a Gladiola bloom but I'm not here to bash roses or improve the reputation of Glads. I love all blooms and are willing to work with any combo. What I would like to do is show some beautiful pictures of my much loved flower.

                                    This bouquet was created by the very talented Karen Tran

                                           This bouquet was created by Violet Gardens Floral Designs

I was given some Glad bulbs a couple of days ago and I plan to plant them and watch them grow. Now this will be my first time planting any type of flower bloom and when I was given the bulb, it was mistaken for a small onion or a brown garlic clove. All I can say is that I'm learning in this industry. As well as arranging the flowers for weddings and events I also hope to plant some in a garden because flowers are truly a miracle.

To watch this.....

...Turn into this is truly AMAZING!!!

I found this on "The knot"                                                      And this was on WeddingChannel


  1. I still love them and would have absolutely had them in my wedding :o)

  2. LOVE these. They are gorgeous! You're right. No one even told me to consider glads for my wedding. I love that you are thinking outside of the box.

    1. Thanks Toya :)Also they are ultimately cheaper.