Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For Mothers and Daughters

Though Mother's Day is next week I just had to share pics of this past weekend from a Mother Daughter breakfast that I attended of course with my mother, one of  best friends, her mother, her grandmother, and her 2 daughters. WOW that's four generations of women at one table and you couldn't tell us nothing!!! We laughed, joked, and just had a ball celebrating womanhood. Below are the corsages that I made for the event from pink roses and stock that I thought were dying and had no choice to use them but turned out pretty good after a little sprucing.


Now on to pictures from the breakfast....

 Jaz and her mother above and Jaz and her oldest daughter below

 Grandma winning the door prize

I caught my mom on candid camera
I honestly cannot imagine where I'd be without my mother. She's been there for me since I was young to guide me and play with me. As a teenager she was there to drag me back on track when I strayed away. And now as an adult she never ceases to support my dreams and goals. She's been the role model I've needed to raise my child and now I can pass on her example with great pride. That's the ambiance that was created during our brunch that was shared between grandmother,  mother, daughter and then granddaughter.

After the breakfast/brunch we decided to let the kids be kids and do what they love best. We let them run and play until they could do no more.

Amani and Addison

And last but not least my favorite pic.....DIVA must I say


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